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Branch Davidian Beliefs

Prophetic beliefs- Branch Davidians believe that God will always send them a prophet to help guide them especially in the "Last Days" because they feel they are God's chosen people for the days prior to the end of the world. There have been 5 different prophets in the Branch Davidian group. They were David Koresh, Lois Roden, Ben Roden, Victor Houteff, and Ellen White. Although Victor Houteff and Ellen White were before the creation of the Branch Davidian group they were still prophets for the Seventh-day Adventists. The Davidians understand the word of God because their prophet explains it to them and helps them to see the "New Light." Branch Davidians feel that only those who will be saved are those who believe in the latest teachings from God.

The Last Days- The Branch Davidians believe that prophecies regarding the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ have locked up. Because they believe that now we are in the end times they feel God is revealing himself. The "New Light" that the prophets strive to see if the final revelation from God.

The Seven Seals- It is believed by the Branch Davidians that God gives to revelations to the world. One is Jesus and the other is at the end time. The lamb at the end time will be able to explain the Seven Seals of Revelation. Branch Davidians believe that the U.S government killed the Son of God becuase David Koresh was believed to be the second messiah becuase he was able to to explain the Seven Seals.

Ben Roden's Teachings- Roden taught his followers to follow the feast days. This was his most important belief. He stresed following Passover, Pentacost, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles.

Todays Teachings- Today the Branch Davidians believe the 2,300 day prophecy from Daniel 8:14 may start from Koresh's death, which would make it around the year 2,000. At this time a "cleansing" will take place.

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